Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Link Love!


Sorry I didn't do link love last week!!  I'm gonna feature posts from both weeks 'cause I didn't do it last week. :/

1. These new AG Store exclusives are so cute!

2. This is such a great craft!

3. Audrey would love this mesh sports bag!

4. These girls are having so much fun learning to ride their new bike!

5. This fashion design challenge looks like so much fun!!

6. What a fun park day!

8. If you have the AG Earth Day Outfit and are willing to sell it, you have an interested buyer!

9. The mini Saige doll is out!!

Make sure to click the links and read all of these amazing posts!!  If you'd like the chance to be in next week's feature, leave the link to your blog in a comment below!
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