Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School Sandals Giveaway Sponsored by Releaserain! ***CLOSED***


I am such a bad blogger!!!!  I mean, really.  I have not posted for over 2 WEEKS.  Horrible!!!!

To celebrate my 'return' and the beginning of school (Can't wait to see all of my friends everyday, so not looking forward to the homework... ;), I have a super fun giveaway for you sponsored by Releaserain!

Ada generously sponsored us with the CUTEST little pair of sandals that will be PERFECT for school outfits!

Aren't they so cute?!?!

I can think of a bunch of my outfits that would match with these!! 

I love the little buckles on the side! 

They are just TOO CUTE!!!

Here's how to enter:

1. You must be a PUBLIC follower of Hailey's Hideaway.

2. You must have your parent/guardian's permission if you are under 18, as you will have to give me your address if you win.

3. Comment below with your name or nickname, and tell me what you're looking forward to most with the start of the school year.

4. Go visit Ada's shop, Releaserain, and take a look around.  Come back here and tell me which item is your favorite in your comment.

5. For extra points, put my button on your blog (+3), post about this giveaway on your blog (+5), pin this giveaway (+3), email 10 friends including me (+5), buy an item from Releaserain (+20).  Make sure to comment below and let me know/leave me a link if you do any of these things. :)

Giveaway ends Monday, August 19, 2013 at 12 midnight PST.

Sorry, I can only ship to the US and Canada. :(

Winner will be decided by Random.Org.

Good luck, and thanks for entering!!
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  1. I'd like to enter! I have permission and am a follower. :) I'm looking forward to beginning Running Start at our community college, it will be such a different experience! My favorite item is their black and ivory striped shirt.
    Your button is on my blog!

  2. I'd like to enter! I follow, and I have permission! I like the gold square sequined hoodie! I'm looking forward to learning some new things! Your button is on my blog!

  3. I want to enter! I have permission and I have your button on my blog. I am looking forward to having fun with my friends this year.

    1. Oh, and favorite item is the blue patent leather buckles boots.

  4. I'm most excited to start playing tuba in the band this year! It will be so cool! (Well I hope so xD) My favorite item is the new(ish) sequined tiger hoodie!

  5. I'd like to enter! :) I have my parent's permission and my favorite item from her shop are these shoes. I am looking forward to choir and theater this school year.

    ~ Jess

  6. I want to enter!!!
    My favorite part of starting school is meeting new kids.
    I follow this blog and I have your button in my blog!

  7. I like the black ivory striped shirt

  8. I follow your blog!
    I have permission!
    My name is Hannah, and I can't wait to see my friends at school!
    I like the Canvas Lace-Up Knee High Top Sneakers!

  9. I would love to enter!

    -I am a public follower (green swirl)
    - I have a parents permission
    - My nickname is TL and I can't wait to meet new friends!
    - my favorite item: Cons Canvas Lace-Up Sneakers Boots Doll Shoes Black with Pink Flowers for 18" American Girl dolls

    My extra entree's:
    -I put your button on my blog, (3)
    -I posted about this on my blog (5)
    I emailed 10 friends including you (5)

    Good luck to everyone!
    -TL from

  10. I so want to enter! YAY! I hate homework, too! ;)
    I am a follower
    I love everything from her shop!
    I posted this on my blog!
    Does it count if I emailed 4 people? I did.
    Thanks and goodluck to everyone who entered and thank you for this cool giveaway!

    Emily (


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