Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hawaiian Girl


My cousin, McKenna, and I went to the beach the other day for a photoshoot, and I got some fantastic pictures of her!  McKenna is a wonderful model, and is super photogenic!

Doesn't she look gorgeous?!?!?!

I think this picture is so pretty.

The hem of her dress floating in the water.

She looks golden in this picture. :D

*random pier shot*

Do you like McKenna's dress?  I sewed it myself. :D

I think this photoshoot turned out really great, and McKenna loves her pictures. :)

Make sure to go check out and follow McKenna's blog, The Adventures of McKenna!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. McKenna's dress and the pictures are so pretty!

    Adollable Dolls

  2. I LOVE the dress! :). You take really good photos!

  3. I love looking at those pictures! They are so pretty! You're such a great photographer!


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