Saturday, June 8, 2013

W. O. W.


Do you know what the acronym in my title is for?  Well, for one:

WOW!!!!!!  I HAVE 16 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!  IN ONE DAY!!!!

Thank you so much to all of my lovely followers!  You are amazing. :D

And the other meaning:

W: Wonderfullnes
O: Of
W: Waterfalls

{Hint, hint: This post is going to be about waterfalls. XD}

Recently, my human, her family, my cousin Fern, and I went on a hike to some really pretty waterfalls.  Our humans got some great pictures of Fern and me, and I want to share them with you. :D

Me. :P

That's my cousin Fern.

I'm in a pretty tree!!! 

I like this picture a lot. :D

The lower part of the waterfall.

Me with the big top part of the waterfall in the background.  It is sooo much prettier and bigger in person!!!

I brought my sister Audrey's dog Toasty along.  He's so cute!!!

A live video.  It's not super great quality, but I think it's kind of cool. :)

We also went to this waterfall.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?!

This is on the right side where the water goes into a stream. 

Another video. :)

 We had a ton of fun hiking and going to the waterfalls, and I really like the pictures of me! XD

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Beautiful! The pictures are gorgeous and Hailey looks so cute! Congrats on 15 followers already!

    Adollable Dolls

  2. We love your blog Hailey!
    ~The Fellowship of the Dolls


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